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Staff Absence Dashboard

This dashboard provides the community with a view of how staff absences are trending in the ĢƵ. The data goes back to the first day of school and provides a visual baseline of absences to date. On the Overall School Staff Absence Rates page, you can view the percentage of the school staff population that was absent for any reason for any portion of the day. 


On the Illness-Related School Staff Absence page, you can view the number of school-based staff members who were absent each day for illness-related reasons. While our previous communications focused on COVID-19, we know that the flu, common cold, bronchitis, and other respiratory viruses are also impacting absences. A lesson learned from the pandemic is just how impactful an infectious respiratory illness can be on individuals and a community.   As of November 6, 2023, ĢƵ ceased using a COVID-related illness absence code and replaced it with an infectious respiratory illness absence code. 


On mobile devices, this dashboard is best viewed in landscape mode.