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Parent Resources

Below you will find resources for parents concerning a variety of school-related material. Please contact us directly if you have further questions, comments, or concerns. 


Click Calendars to find ĢƵ's 6-day calendar, In-Service day (no classes) information, and other events.


Administrator Information

Principal and Vice-Principal information can be found on each school's website under Contact Us.

(bell times)



To research Daycare/Pre/Nursery programs in the ĢƵ, please visit the

This will take you to the licensed Child Care website where you may research Nursery or Daycare programs. Nursery and Daycare programs in the ĢƵ are privately owned and operated. 


Cannabis Use and ĢƵ Schools

Cannabis is legal in Canada and Manitoba but NOT PERMITTED in ĢƵ schools.


Vaping and ĢƵ Schools

All schools in the ĢƵ are vape-free zones and administrators have disciplinary procedures in place should a student be found vaping on school property.



Over the summer, while schools are closed, transcript requests can be sent to the ĢƵ Administration Offices at info@lrsd.net or 204-257-7827. 

Click for an Official Transcript Request form.

Transcripts can also be requested from the . Complete the form or call 1-833-227-1375 or 204-945-0201.