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  • Student Accident Insurance

    The ĢƵ and the are committed to the health and welfare of students. Informing parents about different options for student accident insurance assists their informed decisions.

    Divisionally Paid Coverage

    All ĢƵ students are automatically insured under the Universal Student Accident Insurance program. The program provides some basic medical coverage while students attend school or participate in school-organized activities. It also extends to provide coverage to Grade 11 and 12 students enrolled in an approved course or class outside of school that qualifies for credit in Physical Education. This coverage does not extend to any other activities at times outside of school or to a pre-existing illness or medical condition. The ĢƵ pays the coverage.

    For more, see info and claim forms on the right.

    Voluntary Programs

    A voluntary program is designed to complement the Universal insurance. It offers additional support for parent(s)/guardian(s), including those who already participate in an employee benefits program that provides health and dental coverage.

    Every family's needs are unique. The Manitoba School Boards Association Student Accident Plan, managed by HUB International & Milnco Insurance, offers various voluntary policies to allow parents to choose the best plan for their children. For out-of-country hospital benefits or total permanent disability protection, appropriate student insurance can assist families in managing urgent medical situations.

    For more, see info and claim forms on the right.


    The Insurance Company must be notified within 30 days of any accident. Claim forms and the initial dental report or physician's statement must be submitted within 90 days of the date of the accident or date of death. It is the entire responsibility of the parent or guardian to forward claim forms as indicated.