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  • Divisional Policies, Procedural By-Laws, and Committees Terms of Reference

    The ĢƵ follows the policy development codification and dissemination system of the known as the system. 

    This system is contained in 12 sections, as follows:

    Section A: Foundations and Basic Commitments

    Section B: School Board Governance and Operations

    Section C: General School Administration

    Section D: Fiscal Management

    Section E: Support Services

    Section F: Facilities Planning and Development

    Section G: Personnel

    Section H: Negotiations

    Section I: Instruction

    Section J: Students

    Section K: School-Community-Home Relations

    Section L: Education Agency Relations

    Each section has its own family of subcategories - codes that are accompanied by descriptor terms that provide suggested titles for policy statements. The NEPN classification system provides a comprehensive list of policy codes, but its letter coding can be easily customized when a division needs more detailed codes in any specific area. Supported by The National School Board Association, a not-for-profit federation of state associations of school boards across the United States, the system is commonly utilized by school boards throughout Canada.