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    ĢƵ Board of Trustees Adopts Budget for 2024-2025

    At a special meeting on Tuesday, March 12, the ĢƵ (ĢƵ) Board of Trustees approved a $247,000,027 budget for the 2024-2025 school year. .

    “Ensuring the success of our students is at the heart of our decision-making,” said Sandy Nemeth, ĢƵ Board Chair. “With careful consideration of our strategic priorities, we have allocated resources to support student success and address the needs of our rapidly growing school division. This budget will enable us to continue delivering high-quality education while meeting the evolving needs of all our students and staff.”

    Of the 7.5 per cent increase to the special levy in the 2024-2025 budget, 6.5 per cent is allocated for additional classroom and support staff, bringing the total to 675 full-time equivalent (FTE) educational assistants and 1,193 (FTE) teachers, including principals and vice-principals; six additional bus routes, bringing the total to 91; and an increase of $14,232,149 to the maintenance and local infrastructure budget, signaling a commitment to repairing and upgrading aging elementary and high school buildings.

    “As we navigate the challenges of growing enrolment and inflation, as well as having for too long underfunded the maintenance of aging school buildings, this budget emphasizes a forward-thinking approach to providing adequate and sustainable funding for public education in ĢƵ,” said Jamie Rudnicki, Secretary-Treasurer.

    The other 1 per cent of the special levy is for the expansion of Full-Day Kindergarten (FDK) to all 30 schools offering early years programming, with a projected cost of $2,571,469. This projected cost includes:

    • Additional Teaching Staff (22.00 FTE);
    • Additional Educational Assistants (12.50 FTE);
    • A one-time Furniture and Resource cost; and
    • Transportation (cost savings).

    "Foundations are everything," said Christian Michalik, Superintendent & CEO. "By adding Full-Day Kindergarten (FDK) to all 30 schools, we're laying a foundation for every child's success. This initiative supports working families, nurtures students, and strengthens our community. I'm looking forward to the work ahead collaborating with staff, families, and childcare partners to implement the Board's vision."